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About Radio Sydney


Radio Sydney is a dream come true for its founders who had a vision to bring Sydney a completely new type of Radio station that had literally something for everyone. A level of entertainment delivery that could not be matched on FM or DAB+.


After spending many hours in the past clicking through the various mountains of links on Internet Radio sites trying to find professional stations that thought about the audience rather than the ego’s of the hobbyists making the station, we realised there had to be a better way. There are some great Internet radio stations on the web, but finding Professional Station’s in among the hundreds of here today gone tomorrow hobby’s has always been a chore.


We thought, why not just make a one stop shop that gives Sydney Radio listeners what they want and make sure there is a consistent professional product across the board - easy to achieve if there is only one group of dedicated professionals ensuring quality control through the same hundreds of audio streams! The result is Radio Sydney and we hope you enjoy listening to the great music as much as we do bringing it to you.

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