Get noticed with a 1 month blitz of 300 ads for $1 an Ad 
we play your ad when someone listens!
28,000 verifiable unique listeners per week.

· You get 300 ads a month (that’s 10 a day) for $300 (plus GST) with guaranteed listeners.
· Free 30 second ad production or bring your own.
· Choose a channel to advertise on for best results for your business.
· 230 channels of music, news and entertainment.
Q). In an increasingly complex digital world, how do you engage with customers and prospects across all the right
channels with all the right messages?  How do you create a compelling content marketing strategy that supports
your business goals?  What are the options for effective content marketing in Sydney, Australia and indeed the World?
A). Radio Sydney, has channels covering all demographics.  We offer massive variety and
consistency of advertising across the network.  You can choose from 1-230 channels on which to advertise.   


Why Radio?  Because people listen to it is the short answer.  Radio is the most personal of all media.  Radio’s
intimacy offers the advertiser the chance to speak to the listener on a one to one basis and the result is a personal
relationship between station and listener:  

· Radio Reaches 94% of all national consumers every week
· Radio is the number one medium close to point-of-purchase
· Radio and Internet radio is highly targeted to the audience.
· Radio is Promotions friendly; people expect to hear ads on the radio.
· Extremely flexible, we can tailor a show and ad to a specific product or audience.
· Cost effective
· Efficient
· Responds to rapidly changing consumer needs
· Delivers business results quickly
· Customizable by market and format
· Measurable

Radio Sydney is the world’s largest Internet digital radio station with 230 channels of music, news and
entertainment. is compatible with every computer, smart phone, and tablet. Radio Sydney is
available on FM, Internet and Smart Phones.

Type into the browser of your device and explore the vast musical resources of the world’s
largest digital radio station, whether you’re at work, rest or play you’ll love your Radio Sydney. Radio Sydney is averaging
28,000 verifiable unique listeners per week. It has quickly gained an audience that rivals all other radio delivery forms
and an audience that for the first time in the history of radio can be statistically identified to advertisers in real-time,
rather than relying upon highly hypothetical radio-ratings.

Here is a chance to grow your business with our audience. The Internet provides a broad choice in activity.  There are
millions of web sites and when a listener chooses to listen to a Radio Sydney audio stream this is clearly an active
conscious decision. Where there is a choice of maybe ten radio stations on any given radio dial, there are choices in
the millions on the Internet.  So when a person chooses to listen to Radio Sydney this is a valuable and highly
specific, patently active choice made out of millions of choices rather than just idly out of a handful.

Check out our weekly Digital audience figures here

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Advertising and Sales
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Australian Broadcasting Media (ABM) is a wholly Australian owned media company.  We are a media power house

producing daily content to our radio stations in Australia and around the world.  ABM prides itself on always being

first in the innovative implementation of new media delivery methods as they develop.  ABM is also at the forefront

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